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What is included on the SRA® Platform ?

All data of your clinic regarding SRAclinic® or your practice regarding SRAdoc® are stored on the SRA®Plattform. It contains, for example, information on address, contact person and e-mail address for receiving the reports. Changes or additions can also be made here.

In addition, all SRA® reports are stored on the SRA®Platform, which can be viewed via the SRAViewer®.

How do I access the SRA®Platform?

All users of the products SRAclinic®, SRAdoc® and SRA24® are customers of apoplex medical technologies GmbH and are entitled to access the SRA®Platform. You will receive your personal access data to the SRA®Platform from us during the initial installation. Of course, you can also change your password here.

to the SRA®Platform