• Our mission and visions

    The company was founded in 2004 in Pirmasens. It develops innovative products for the prevention of stroke. apoplex medical technologies draws from an extensive academic and clinical network which complements the own core competencies in mathematics, physics and medicine.

    Our mission is in the first place to educate about the probably most dangerous single risk factor for stroke, the atrial fibrillation, and in the second place to fight it with the Stroke Risk Analysis SRA ®.

    Our visionis that throughout the world no stroke will occur because of undetected atrial fibrillation, starting with Germany and Europe.

  • About 2 million people in Germany suffer from atrial fibrillation but half of them without knowing it. This means 1 million people live with undiagnosed atrial fibrillation. apoplex medical technologies made it its business to fight the atrial fibrillation with its devastating impact - the stroke.

    To reach their goal, the company has developed an easy to handle method: the Stroke Risk Analysis (SRA®). The SRA® is a screening tool which identifies patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, even if there is no acute fibrillation episode.
    GPs and clinics are finally able to track the risk factor atrial fibrillation reliably and to relieve the patients' fear of a sudden stroke.
    There are two versions available, SRAclinic® for clinical applications as well as SRAdoc® and SRA24® for practices.

    Prevention is better than cure. Together against stroke.
  • About apoplex medical technologies: