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apoplex medical technologies has made it its business to support stroke experts with innovative solutions. We have been firmly established in the industry since our founding in 2004 and have shown steady growth. Today we employ over 20 people in 3 countries across Europe.

Join a motivated, passionate team and help us innovate the healthcare industry.

What defines us?
The "We"-Spirit

Our employees are the cogs that keep the company running and alive. We achieve company and project goals together as a team. Not only do we celebrate successes together, we also offer help with problems and look for a solution together. We leave nobody out in the cold.  

Change as an opportunity

A "but that's not my responsibility"attitude doesn't suit us. Business areas and entire areas of responsibility can change within a short period of time with us, offering both the company and the employees opportunities for further development. We are looking for flexibility and a hands-on mentality.

Work & Life

We are not only coming to terms with a dynamic environment as a company. We are aware that private life is also changing and we stand for a family-friendly and understanding organization of working time in these different phases of life. Flexible and customizable work schedules.

Short communication channels

We see the proximity to colleagues and managers as a key to success. Short communication channels are not only limited to our Pirmasens location but put into practice internationally throughout our entire team by leveraging technological support. To this end, our managers are approachable and available, and act as mediators, problem solvers and contacts.

Independent work, decision-making & thinking things through

We want to get things done and follow through with them. Instead of micro-management, we take tasks on and implement them independently. Our working environment also offers the opportunity to think outside the box. Our team members can contribute in a wide variety of areas across departments and initiate new projects.

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